Summer so Far

Well we have had quite an eventful and busy summer so far, we have won a couple of awards thanks to Amdur Productions, Cain Park Arts Festival and Akron Arts Expo where we received 1st place in our category. A big Thank You to all : )

The weather has been extremely kind except for a show or two Cincinnati Summerfair rained so hard but all the volunteers were great and supplied us with a ton of hay before we sank!! : ) Pittsburgh 3 Rivers, we were in a very windy spot but thanks to Melissa and her team they supplied us with a huge water barrel for extra weight so we didn’t blow away!! and last but not least Toledo Botanical Gardens, oh what a storm it was!! again great volunteers who supplied us with mulch so we didn’t sink!!!!! and you, our patrons, what troopers you were coming to all the shows regardless of the weather!!!!


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