Cast Glass

The jewelry lost wax process begins as a thought, is sketched onto paper and then carefully hand carved into a special jewelers wax using an assortment of carving tools.

The wax is then placed into a mold case that we fill with investment plaster covering our wax design. Once the plaster is set the mold is put into the kiln and the wax slowly melts out with the heat leaving a hollow well defined void in the plaster. This is done for both the glass and silver.

We use a centrifugal arm caster to push our molten silver into it’s mold. The sliver is quenched in water to remove it from it’s one time investment mold.

The glass is carefully put into it’ s mold. The glass slowly cools in the kiln over a 16 hour period after which it is broken out of it’s one time investment mold.

The silver goes through several steps of sanding and polishing. Grinding and sandblasting for the glass. The two are then put together to form our beautiful, simply elegant jewelry. The glow you see is from light penetrating through the glass and reflecting back out off the silver.